If there's 1 life skill which OSRS drilled into me

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Anyone else feel the exact same? I'm constantly setting goals for myself and I maintain my focus on the finish line, get there, and end up with fonder memories of the travel. OSRS really helped me to comprehend it although I understand that it's a notion that is common. I had exactly the same sweaty mill for OSRS gold western challenging, though for me it opened up a lot of fun options it made stuff way more entertaining. Red chin spot without bots. Mage defence, array assault vorkath raids two and 1 gear? Got. And crystal fucking halberd of the WORD that item slaps tougher than anything you've equip before. Does the 2x splats on virtually every slayer task and 99 str / peity / on job it can max a fucking 71, TIMES TWO. Being a 2h it's got some baller accuracy too so 100 harm is pretty average, with 30% per spec it's a fucking monster, so goddamn gratifying.

All that said, if the travel is what is fun for you about Runescape not what's in the finish, you may either appreciate what Runescape offers in evident paths and that's totally ok, and even put in on finding new roads you route yourself with the rewards you reach following a long walk. Yeah I feel. I feel a bit sad after completing a grind. It is like yeah I obtained this unlock but it seemed useful and enjoyable like 2 days before I finish this up. I have a lot of items in my personal bank like crystal Hally and cape which I want to use a whole lot more but rarely really require. When content can be handled by me they will see use. Following a few big grind I don't even really pressure myself to continue only work on them when they feel fun and stop whenever they don't.

Yeah even though I have not played OSRS lately (past 6ish months) I just had something happen IRL that made me think about the positives that came from my OSRS addiction haha:-RRB- thank you for your comment! This has been. "if I only do dragon slayer 2 I could farm vorkath and get rich" I unlock vorkath and get tired of her after a week. "well if I only had elite void I bet this could be far better" so I mill elite void and realize that with my stats that the dhide was much better lmao.

Sometimes, that's the way I felt when I finished 99 fishing at crabs that are dark. Was AFK and pkers kept it fascinating. Runescape's skill aims do not have much. Reward. You get to 99 and cheap RS gold that is it. At times you can do one thing but it's often barely game-changing. I maxed and then stopped playing. Achieving a item or unlocking a boss is much more rewarding. End up burning out faster. Slow and steady wins the race.


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